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Little Fingerprints

30 Jan 2010

I read a blog the other day that was very thought-provoking.  In the story a window cleaner that was trying to be helpful received some shocking news.  He learned that the little 2-year-old girl who lived in the house had just recently died of croup.  When he got to her room, there on the window were little fingerprints and he had to erase them forever.  A difficult task to do, but I guess that might be one of the reasons he was hired to clean the windows.  (Read the story here)

The power of blogging allows for this story to be told easily, and it makes me think there are so many unique events that occur throughout someone’s life that are never shared.  I think these are the events and insights that do add to the texture of life.  No, they are not wrapped up into nice little segments and packaged to make you feel good at the end every time, but they just might get you to think about the journey you are on a little differently.

In that story the fingerprints were cleaned from the window, but transferred to a story that will leave a small fingerprint in the minds of all that read it.  That is the power of telling your story, and blogging provides the vehicle to tell the story to the world… Powerful!

I am starting this blog to share my thoughts on my journey through life as I see it.  For some my thinking will be extremely foreign and to others it might seem right on target, but hopefully it will inspire and stretch the brain for a moment or two.

Your comments are always encouraged and welcomed, and I look forward to reading and responding.

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