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Finally Learning Spanish

01 Feb 2010

This year I finally have made the commitment to learn Spanish.  Since my wife’s first language is Spanish and I am around it often, it is prime time that I learned it.  Honestly, I have said I will learn it for the past 10 years and have really made no effort to do so, beyond the needed ¡Hola! and uno más cerveza por favor.  Only the essentials were needed.

When I was in Mexico with my wife for about 4 weeks I know I drove her nuts with my, what did they say?  Since I was fairly skinny when everyone was just putting food in front of me and saying I look hungry, so no need to learn about that.  I guess I was content just relaxing.

I always felt the years of French I had in High School and College would benefit me greatly while learning Spanish, I was wrong.  Or maybe it would have if I had started years ago when I still remembered French.  I am sure as I progress with Spanish my English skills will diminish, I am confident I have limited storage capacity.

I am using a book named Spanish Demystified by Jenny Petrow and have found it be very helpful, so far.  I am also trying out other language programs online through my local library (a great free option you should check out) and various programs I have purchased over the years.  But so far the most helpful has been talking with my wife, what a concept!

I started my “learning” officially on January 15th of this year.  It is exciting and frustrating all at the same time.  But it is fun to learn.  Hopefully it will be like learning to ride a bike, once I get it I keep doing it so I will never forget, I think it is called over-learning.

Are you learning to speak Spanish?  I’m interested in reading your comments on what tools you are using and how they are working for you.

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