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Break the Hypnotic Rythym of Life

03 Feb 2010

I like the idea of taking a journey, getting out and exploring, and taking the time to enjoy the experience.  Some of the best times I have had were unplanned and spontaneous.  They just tend to break the hypnotic rhythm of life that keeps us dancing too long to the same song.

A few years back I came home for lunch during a very busy week at work.  I had been working too many hours, and I was tired.  I really needed some time off.  When I got home my boys were eating lunch and my wife had just finished heating me up some food.  A commercial about vacationing in San Francisco was playing on the TV, and my wife mentioned how nice it would be to go.  My oldest son asked “Isn’t Disneyland in San Francisco?”  “No, it’s in L.A., about 8 hours further south if we were driving,” I told him.

Well, within 3-hours our bags were packed in the car and we were starting our 1200 mile journey.  I woke up that morning tired, beaten and worn out, now we are heading to Disneyland to see Mickey Mouse.  Imagine being a kid and nonchalantly asking your parents to go to Disneyland, and not only getting an okay, but actually leaving right away.  I felt alive. It was such a good feeling.  We left on a Wednesday and returned on Sunday, it was fantastic!

Life can be over planned.  Sometimes it is better to throw the plan out for a little while, breath and enjoy something different.  Take a drive, a walk and experience something new.  In the end, I believe it is these events that will be remembered the most.

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