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Get the Kid a Camera!

05 Feb 2010

I really love Digital Cameras.  I like to give a camera to my youngest son and let him take pictures, no rules.  Well maybe a few ground rules like, no taking pictures of me while I’m in the shower, no underwater pictures of the fish, and don’t tell Mom I am letting you use the camera unsupervised.

It is so much fun to go through the pictures with him and have him tell the story of his pictures.  His excitement is genuine and refreshing.  He is capable of snapping off more than 200 pictures in very little time, and it is so fun to see what is catching his interest.  He takes pictures of cups, the television, lights, walls, string and of things I did not know were even in the house.

One of his main targets is always the cat.  Luckily the cat is a good sport, but not always.  I was just informed the cat is not able to be caught this morning, Go Cat!

My two older boys did not get the chance to run around with a digital camera, they were just too expensive.  Now the prices are way down and the cameras are durable.  The camera that we are using is a small Kodak EasyShare C713 7.0 mega pixels.  With a 4GB memory chip it is capable of taking well over 3,500 pictures.  There is also a video mode on the camera, but we have not used it.

The next step will be teaching him how to download, manipulate and print his pictures… its fun learning.

So get the kid a camera!  And enjoy the time listening to them explain the pictures, you won’t regret it.

Here is a few of his pictures:

Little Guy "Self Portrait"

This is his “self portrait”, he has not figured out the ultra cool Facebook way of taking a picture of himself in the mirror yet.

His favorite victim, the cat.

Luke Skywalker

Picture of his fav movie, Star Wars! Technology sure has changed a lot since this movie first came out!

Ceiling lights, he thinks its cool how it goes black around the lights, even though it's not really black.

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  1. Lakshmi permalink

    Hi Jim, Thanks for hopping over to my blog 🙂 Its a great feeling to receive comments from some one new !!

    Its always nice to see kids experiment with things.. particularly with cameras.. they allow kids to express themselves in new way very creatively.. it is also so much of fun.. your son must be having a blast with his camera 🙂

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