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Pigs Don’t Know Pigs Stink.

09 Feb 2010

That’s right.  If all the company we keep is just like us, then maybe we won’t know we stink either.  There is a nice comfortable feeling that occurs when hanging around people who are just the same as we are, that have similar beliefs, values, morals, likes and dislikes.  Oh what bliss.

But what do we gain from such association?  Not much.

There is a lot of hate in this world that is caused by people only associating with those that are similar and pushing away those that are different.  This also can happen on a larger scale, throughout history people have been persecuted, segregated, imprisoned, killed, etc. because of being identified as being too far removed from the acceptable norm of the majority.  Oppression of humanity is unacceptable in all forms.  It can be at times difficult to see the strength that can result from diversification, this is probably due to fear of change ~ or fear of the unknown…  thinking that “since I don’t know or understand this, it must be bad.”

Embracing ‘diversity’ to many unfortunately means that you are expected to understand their views, but not vice-versa.  In other words, you need to accept my thoughts, ideals, culture, etc. but I don’t need to accept yours.  There is evil in this world, which is apparent, so where to draw the line of acceptance and tolerance is gray, and that is where the problem starts.  A person utilizing known tools intended for good (i.e. the bible) to wrongly justify their position of hate is a form of evil.

For every person on this world there is an opinion, and that is a good thing.  We are all different to varying degrees.  These differences make life have texture.  We all have the freedom to agree or disagree with these differences, but we should not engage in actions that cause others to be oppressed, persecuted, segregated, imprisoned, or killed because they are simply different.  I am not arguing that evil not be battled, but that there is a difference to what is truly evil and what someone claims is evil.

I will leave passing judgment on others to God and I will continue to strive to be the best person I can be.  That does not mean I have to agree or even understand others views, but I can appreciate the differences.

And yes, I know I can stink.

“The test of courage comes when we are in the minority. The test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority.”  – Ralph W. Sockamn

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  1. I really liked this post. I think the differences in people are wonderful. I know what I believe in and what path suits me as a person, but I also know that it may be the complete opposite for another person, with varying degrees all along the way. It’s why we are the most facinating species alive.

  2. Garth permalink

    Another trouble with ‘diversity’ in the modern world is that it seems to have mysteriously become an end in itself. (This in addition to all too often, as you say, being about making you realize how wrong you are. 🙂 People seem to assume that the presence of differences of any kind is automatically good.

    But this is incoherent. What kind of differences? Clearly some are good, some are bad, and some are indifferent. Equally clearly, at least to me, diversity can be valued only as a means, not an end – and we need to be clear about what end we have in view.

    It reminds me a little how in the last year we kept hearing about ‘change’ as if it were automatically good. People forgot that ‘change’ can be for the worse.

  3. Jack Smith permalink

    Great post! Thanks for sharing it on Linked In!

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