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A Benefit to Unemployment

14 Feb 2010

The sun always rises on a new day.

Finances over the past year for me and my family have been drastically different from years past.  It has almost been a year since I became unemployed.  I took an opportunity with the State of Oregon called the Self Employment Assistance Program (SEAP) that allowed me to draw my unemployment and start a business.  In June I started a window cleaning business and was busy through September.  Since then it has been extremely slow, but anticipating jobs to start-up again within the next six weeks.

Since I have unplugged from the grind of the 50 – 70 hours per week management jobs, mind numbing strategy meetings, and the ever-looming-mother-ship (corporate office) I have been able to focus more on my mission statement, goals and strategies to achieve them.  It was painful to realize how reliant I had become on money to give artificial happiness.  My wife is not happy with a decision I made – than let’s go out to eat.  The kids are driving me crazy – how about getting a new video game, or movie.  There are so many opportunities when friction raises its head, we can choose to face it or distract ourselves with something else.

Things have really changed for me.  It is strange and comforting to know that we have less than any other time in our life, and as a family we are happier.  We still have distractions, and always will but they are a part of our growing together, not for creating distance between us.  This is not a permanent situation, it will improve.  When it does I hope and pray that the lessons learned are never forgotten.

When money is readily available the distractions are plentiful, and without the right mission statement, goals and strategies it is easy to lose focus on what is important.  Here is the crash course on finding out what is important in life – use up all your money, than live.

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  1. 5kidswdisabilities permalink

    My husband is unemployed also. LIke you, he used to work 50-60 hours a week. It is GREAT having him home. He keeps he house picked up, does the grocery shopping and looks for bargains, (which we couldn’t do when we were working.) He picks the kids up from school, takes them to appointments and we are both loving his unemployment. Of course, we don’t have any money, but life is much less stressful, so we can do without the money!!

    Lindsey Petersen

  2. Trina permalink

    Amen, brother. Amen.

  3. I found I was reading something very authentic. I do believe though that just as ‘ having more money ‘ is a no brainer, so too ‘ having less money ‘ is not of much value in directing oneself.

    Not feeling alienated from one’s work is a tremendous thing and keeping oneself destressed is very important. These are your achievements, great and courageous. Kudos !

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