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I was never five

15 Feb 2010
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Yesterday my youngest son, who turned five in December, informed me that I was really nice when I was five. This was said after multiple failed attempts to get me to let him play XBox. I’m not quite sure what to make of this, this is what came to mind:

  1. He has supernatural connections that I’m not aware of, and he really knows that I was cool when I was five.
  2. My legend as a five-year-old is still circulating in the 3 feet and under demographic.
  3. He didn’t like what I told him to do, and was hoping that I would remember when I was nicer.

I told him the truth, I was never five. Since I was such a good kid I skipped it. It was obvious that he knew that his plan had backfired, he was up against a good opponent and he would have to put more effort into his strategy. It could be because Star Wars has become a new favorite for him and he is practicing Jedi mind games. But, like most kids, they do not listen to instructions and he missed the ‘weaker minds only’ part. Keep trying little one.

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  1. Garth permalink

    Yes, he’s not very good at tricking people.

    What worries me is that he’s practicing! 🙂

  2. This is hilarious and takes me back to when my two sons were five, and very into Star Wars, btw. May the force be with you, Daddy. You’ll need all of it you can get:)

  3. This is too cute. Being a parent is so interesting ;).

  4. “I was never five” — A brilliant comeback indeed.

    And really… gotta give the kid props for whatever it was he was trying to do!

    • Mary – Thanks for your comments. Funny how they are constantly trying different approaches, testing which ones work. I enjoy seeing the creativity. Your website is very interesting, with some great posts!

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