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Lost Generation

16 Feb 2010

I saw this video yesterday and I really like the message it delivers, maybe you have seen it before too – since it has over 11.5 million views. Created for the AARP U@50 contest, the video placed 2nd. It’s called the Lost Generation:

The first time I watched the video I was very impressed, but when I was playing it through again for my wife I noticed that there are – ugh – errors. I still like the message, but since it was for a contest… errors will bring criticism, here is a video response someone put together:

The Lost Generation Sucks video has gotten a lot of criticism, mainly because people feel he is attacking the message of the Lost Generation video. Personally I think he is simply pointing out that there were errors. (If you are ever feeling too good, and want to knock it down a few notches read the comments on YouTube)

My main point here is this, if you want to get your point across – regardless of the delivery method – it is best to do it without errors. Lord knows I make a ton of them, probably why my point falls flat. Fortunately the Lost Generation has a great message, and most people overlook or do not even recognize the errors.

If you are still into watching a video, here is the original video that they based their videos on. It is a political video from Argentina (in English) but if you replace “Argentina” with the “United States” you could use it for your run for office, pushing for ‘change’ works:

(I originally watched Lost Generation at Uphill Writing Thanks Richard for posting the video, btw you have a great blog on writing!)

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