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Phrases That Annoy Me

17 Feb 2010

A couple years ago a word my two older boys would use a lot was “whatever”.  Through time laziness set-in and it has been shortened to “whatev”.  I am not a big fan of this word, it is used generally as a flippant response, however I am thankful it’s not other words and they feel open enough to give old Dad a quick “whatev” shout-out.

I however do not like the new one cropping in, when they say “what the?”.  Okay now they’re leaving me hanging and I have to add a word to the phrase to finish it off.  Their probably thinking LOL, I just got Dad to swear in his head.

I can deal with the phrases around the house though, because there are some phrases that really annoyed me when I was working in the Corporate World that made me say “what the?” and “whatev”.  These phrases are just part of the Corporate DNA and are almost as annoying as needing a multiple page printout to understand all the useless acronyms developed by the mother-ship to make conference calls a total nightmare.

The phrases I didn’t “take away” from my 9 – 5 (actually 7 -7)

  1. Let’s take this offline.
  2. At the end of the day.  (my usual thought was on how far away that seems)
  3. Action item.
  4. Drill down to a more granular level.
  5. Just give me the 30,000 ft. overview.
  6. It’s on my radar.
  7. Bring you’re A-game.
  8. See what sticks.
  9. Thinking outside the box.
  10. Value add.

I am sure there are many others that have annoyed me, but luckily I don’t remember them. 

Do you have some phrases that really annoy you? Share them in the comment section below…

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  1. I’m guilty of number 2. I admit it.

  2. Lol, so do I, so do I. I cringe when I catch myself, but unlearning is a long process.

  3. Trina permalink

    I finally thought of the one that makes me cringe – “Ya think?!” I suppose it is an improvement over its predecessor (‘duh’) but I still hate it. The whole point of it is to make someone else feel stupid. You’re right, though – I still have to bite my tongue not to use my peeve phrase. It’s hard to break those verbal habits!

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