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It’s Good to Smell Like Dirt

20 Feb 2010

There are certain things that occur and when they do I know spring is quickly approaching.  Yesterday one of these happened and it just made my heart smile.

My youngest son came inside and he smelled like dirt.  He wasn’t filthy and had no visible signs of fun staining him, but I know he was having fun and smelled like adventure.  It was a beautiful day and he dressed up in a Bumble-Bee Transformer costume, he told me he was from the planet Cybertron and requested some water.  After a quick drink he was back outside doing what little boys do best, play hard with a never-ending imagination.

Today is another beautiful day.  I don’t think outside will be Cybertron today, I am betting it will be Santo Poco because he has already told me that his name is Ned Nederlander.  Springtime really is a time of new life; this is why he is just so good at it.

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