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Potty Training From A Manager’s Viewpoint

22 Feb 2010

Potty training a toddler is a real adventure in parenting. I have now potty trained 4 kids, one of which was not mine. The ‘not mine’ one was my niece, she and her family were living with us for a while and during that time I was going to school while job searching, which translates into I had free time. I commented to my wife that our niece is too old for diapers, and my wife with all her wisdom reminded me that it is not our daughter and that I need to overlook it. I made a few more comments over a short period of time and finally my wife told me to either drop it or I should potty train her myself. Challenge accepted.

All of the kids were different, some resisted more and one of them was instant success. But, going through this experience with my niece was like working with an employee that had union representation. Potty training is very similar to being a manager and implementing a change at work. This is why:

  1. A change needs to be implemented because the current way of doing business is not efficient.
  2. Strategies for implementation are researched and developed.
  3. A meeting with affected employees takes place, explaining the upcoming changes and why they need to occur.
  4. Employee(s) moan and groan, threatening to file a grievance.
  5. Employee(s) complain to other managers and co-workers.
  6. Training begins; on-the-job training is decided to be the best approach.
  7. They try to sabotage the implementation process.
  8. Morale starts to drop as they remember the good ‘ole days, when things were absolutely perfect. The time before management ruined it.
  9. They start to experience success.
  10. Work days become smoother and more productive, less reliant on management to accomplish tasks.
  11. Implementation complete, a new way of doing business is in effect.
  12. Employee(s) criticize management for not making changes sooner.
  13. When offered the opportunity to go back to the old way they refuse.

Not one of the kids wants to go back to diapers, not one. But they fought it, didn’t want to do it and complained the entire process. But they all were very excited and proud of themselves when they experienced success. Not one of them approached me earlier and said, “You know I am ready to get rid of these diapers, do you think you can help me be potty trained?” Laughable.

Still, so many parents have kids that are pushing 5 years old that are not potty trained, they state the kid is not ready yet, they haven’t expressed any interest, blah, blah, blah. I think that either they have done too much reading and suffer from information constipation or they just don’t get it. I have yet to see a kid in elementary school with a diaper on, but I am sure it is a matter of time and that will occur.

Yeah, I am a dad and I changed diapers. I hated it – the kids hated it, so why keep doing it?

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  1. Trina permalink

    Oh my gosh. Too funny. And so timely… We just started with Thing 4. Honestly, it’s only because it is becoming more work for me to have her in diapers than not. She’s dry in the morning, but in holding it all night, every single morning she was peeing through her clothes. More laundry?? I think not. So for 3 days now, as soon as she stumbles out of bed, I put on my enthusiastic happy mommy voice and put her on the potty. She is literally sobbing and screaming the entire time. But within 90 seconds, the deed is done and she’s stopped crying, and thrilled with herself. Seriously? Can we just bypass the screaming and sobbing? Ugh. But then I realize – as you said – that adults are no different. I fight growth and change – sobbing and screaming on the inside. Thanks for the humorous perspective. I’ve come to realize that one of the most important skills a parent can have is a sense of humor!

    • I can’t imagine being a parent without a sense of humor – that would be just painful!

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