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The Robbery

24 Feb 2010

4:47 pm, Monday,  August 3, 1992...

I was surprised the glass didn’t break, you hit the doors so hard, and it really caught my attention.  Your actions were so obvious, but it did not register to me what was happening.  Days like this aren’t suppose to have bad endings, and if something appears to go wrong it is supposed to have a twist that turns it into a joke.  Even with the bandana covering your nose and mouth, the dark sunglasses covering your eyes and the dark blue baseball cap with a piece of duct tape over the insignia, I kept looking for the joke or for you to start singing, but you just kept running forward.  Step after step, I kept wondering who are you?  What are you doing?  My eyes are completely fixed on you.  And then you jump up towards the counter, one quick movement and then time just appears to stop.  I see it, when you reached out with your right hand to stabilize yourself.  The gun you have tightly gripped in your hand hits the counter with a metallic thud and makes a smooth sound like a heavy ball-bearing rolling across a table as you descend to my side of the counter.  This is a robbery – you are a robber, oh shit!

Clarity collapses and I am consumed with fear.  I feel the increasing pressure as my heart pounds, making my entire body expand and contract with each increasing beat.  I have not taken my eyes off you, but now for the first time you are looking towards me.  You are fifteen feet away and within four steps you are next to me.  You push me back sharply and raise the gun to my head.  I can feel my heartbeat against the gun as you push it into my temple.  My ears are ringing and I am powerless, paralyzed and alone.  In an instant you took away my freedom, you are in complete control.

The world as I knew it doesn’t matter, everything has come to this moment.  I never dreamed you would enter my world, my space – but here you are.  My mind starts racing.  Do you just want money?  Are you going to use the gun?  You should take your finger off the trigger!  Oh crap!  I am over my limit in my cash drawer – there is over $28,000 in there… that is good, you will be happier.  I am sure you were thinking to get only a few thousand tops!  The alarms!  Don’t trigger the alarms!  Don’t do anything to make this worse.  What do you want?  What the hell is happening?  And then my mind stops again when you yell, “Give me the money, don’t move quick or I’ll shoot you!”  Your face is within inches from my face, I can feel the vibrations coming from your voice as they bounce off my cheek.  All I can think is don’t pull the trigger.  I don’t move.

You push me into action with your gun, shoving it further into my temple.  As I open the drawers you pull out a pillow case and tell me to fill it with the big money.  I turn to look at you.  I can see your eye from the side hiding behind your sunglasses.  It is blue surrounded with sun-tanned skin, piercing and cold, intense.  Your brown hair is very short underneath the fitted cap – it’s a fitted cap! It looks exactly like the Boston Red Sox cap I have.  You are the same height as me.  You notice I am looking at you and shove the gun into my gut, “THE MONEY!” you yell.  I start moving the money from the drawer into the bag, thousands of dollars.  Too much money, you will be happy.  Do you know about all the money in the safe in the back?  I hope not.  This is enough money.  “THE BIG MONEY!” you yell.  I am shaking, nervous, angry and somehow I find a way to use my voice and I tell you, “This is the big money.  There is nothing else in my area.”  I look at you for your response, you are silent.  No motion, nothing.  It’s just you and I connected by a gun, I wait.  You are in complete control.

Then you raised the gun and pointed it at my head and started backing away.  You have thousands of dollars, why aren’t you leaving quicker?  Why are you pointing the gun at me?  Slowly you keep stepping back, towards the spot where you jumped over the counter.  Then you turn and point the gun at my boss.  She is sitting at her desk, located behind the counter twenty feet from me.  My boss!  I realize there are other people in the bank, feelings start to rush into me, and the severity of the moment starts sinking in.  You are still pointing the gun at my boss.  What are you doing?  You need to leave.  You lower the gun, jump the counter, crash through the doors and are gone.

I walk outside the bank and sit against the wall.  I am looking at the parking space you were just in.  How peaceful it is in the area surrounding me, but not within me.  Today I am Twenty-One years old, officially an adult and I just learned in two minutes how precious life is.  You made me realize how quick life can change, and how control of a situation can be lost in an instant.

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  1. Jennifer permalink

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog a while back!

    Truly, this is a terrifying story. The fact that total control and one’s entire future can be stolen in an instant is a realization that can change an attitude and life very easily. I am glad that everyone came out okay, and hope that writing about it takes some of that power back!

    I really enjoy your blog and will certainly stop by often!

    • This experience definitely skewed my perception of life for awhile, especially since it was repeated 4-days later (not as violent though). It’s always nice to get a comment from a new reader! Thanks for snoopin’ through my blog! 😉

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