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Teenagers, A Dead Xbox and Chores.

25 Feb 2010

Ever heard of the red ring of death? Neither had I. It is what happens when an Xbox 360 dies, the red circle around the power button lights up which means the entire universe has aligned against you. All the never-ending, mind numbing, button pushing, and seizure inducing fun has come to an end, finished… It’s the red ring of death! Xbox dead. It is absolutely the worst thing that can happen to a teenager, it is a life stopping event. Really, it is.

You might now this has happened by the loud screams of “NOOOOOOO!” followed by frantic texting. There might be a lot of unplugging and re-plugging, powering on and off and long blank stares at the red ring. It is really that bad. But to show them things are never as bad as they seem, and can always get worse, it is a great time to remind them the lawn needs mowing, the garbage needs to go out and the carpeting in their room needs locating. Yes, give them chores.

Chores were invented to destroy the lives of teenagers, or so it seems by their reactions when asked to do something outside of their preferred activities list. Their positive, upbeat outlook on life vanishes the very second a chore is even mentioned and their minds go into hyper-mode trying to manipulate a plan to avoid the torture that is going to end their very existence. I am impressed with their wit and quick thinking, a quality that is not displayed often because they are buried into an epic battle on Xbox or texting someone to tell them about their epic battle.

But the Xbox is dead, sadly displaying the red ring. No better way to mourn than by some hard work. Well it is not really hard all by itself, they need to make it hard and they are champions at that. If you have teenagers you know what I mean, and if yours are not quite there yet, well you’re in for treat.

I do believe in the future there will be a lot of cool inventions by this generation. It is going to happen. This strong of a want to avoid work will translate into some really cool technology. I really hope so, because if this trend continues and the next generation is even less motivated, the world will be very interesting.

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  1. This post made me laugh. I like your writing.

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