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Enjoyment: It’s Dependant on Expectations

28 Feb 2010
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If I measured my success with fishing by how many fish I caught I would be disappointed.  I am thankful for friends who are generous with what they catch and the many stores that offer so much variety… thankfully there are fishermen who actually catch fish.

For me fishing is relaxing.  It is a break from everyday living and a chance to try my luck against Mother Nature, she usually wins but the view is spectacular.  Whether I am sitting on the bank of a creek, river or on a jetty at the ocean, I am able to relax and enjoy the world around me.

I have recently been fishing more right by my house.  I can walk across a small field to the Willamette River, it’s convenient.   I have yet to catch a fish but I know they are there.  I regularly watch the Osprey’s snatch them with very little effort.  Then they give their victim a tour of the surrounding landscape.  Like little torpedoes grasped underneath a powerful predator are gracefully flown to their death.  If I was a fish I think I would prefer the death grasp and tour instead of a hook and a bag, so I understand.

Fishing for me could and should be miserable, venturing out time after time and return with no fish should be a deterrent, but it’s not.  My expectations are different.  It’s not that I am okay with failure, I’m not.  I don’t have the attitude of next time it will be better, because it probably won’t.  My expectations for fishing are not based on catching fish.  I always catch what I go fishing for, and that is to relax, and to enjoy the nature around me.

How are your expectations affecting your enjoyment in life?

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  1. luuluu467 permalink

    well said sometimes all we need is time to relax. keep fishing.

    • Thanks for the comment Luuluu! It’s all about realistic expectations – fishing has been good for awhile now. 😉

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