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Losing the Snooze Button Battle

01 Mar 2010
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I am a recovering snooze button pusher, at its worse time years ago I could push snooze ten times before falling out of bed. The alarm noise was similar to a truck backing up into our room, annoying and loud. It drove my wife crazy and she would always say how much she hates that alarm. I think our neighbors hated it too.

It was my wife’s hate for the alarm that finally broke me of my repeated just-five-more-minutes-of-sleep-routine every morning. She honed her reaction skills so they were faster than mine, and when the alarm went off she would turn it off, I wouldn’t even notice, problem solved. Except, I would not get up on time and that would start a chain reaction of feeling behind all day long.

I just couldn’t get my morning routine right. I told her that the alarm was important and that I needed it to get up in the morning on time, and if she turns it off I don’t get up. The whole hit-the-snooze routine made a lot of sense to me and it worked. I asked, pleaded and begged for her to just understand how I need my routine in the morning. She understood and agreed getting up on time is important, and if it so important to me I should be getting up before the alarm goes off. I knew she was right, but I’m not ready to admit that…yet.

It was decision time. I could continue to make my case and try to persuade her to agree my way was best for me, or I could move the alarm clock far enough away from her that she would lose interest in turning off the alarm, or I could just admit that her logic is right and change my behavior. That was it, persuade, relocate or admit that change is needed. I knew the answer, I knew what the right thing to do was, and then I moved the alarm clock. I was not ready to admit changing was the right resolution to this problem. Why I wanted to continue the fight can only be explained by stubbornness, because I was not using logic.

Guess what happened? Well my wife is a lot more active in the morning than I am, and she was able to get up and turn the alarm off. I gained nothing. If I continued to fight for my repeated just-five-more-minutes-of-sleep-routine every morning, I faced a real possibility that she would continue to win, which meant I would lose. Knowing I could not continue to let my wife – a girl – keep winning, I had to change.

My wife was content with me doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. She is patient. She knew that one day I would admit that she was right, and that I changed because of her. That is why I think she just quietly smiled every morning when the alarm would beep once and I would turn it off and get up.

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