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Dreaming Reality Away.

02 Mar 2010
cern-udc-star (what do scientists read?)
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I had a dream that consumed me.  I did not like where I was at in life, so I chose to dream myself to where I wanted to be.  It was easy and required no action.  It was addictive and cheap and felt good.  It consumed me and became the one thing, the only thing, which felt right.  It took the sting out of my life and calmed me.  As the problems grew my dreams got bigger, a slope to slippery to care about landing.  My recent memories were becoming more distant.  Dreams don’t create memories.

Dreams are magnificent.  Dreams are powerful.  When coupled with action can be an unstoppable outpouring of satisfaction.  They have the ability to transport us to where we want to be, need to be.  They can make tough times bearable and provide the motivation to trudge forward.  Dreams are the spark that can make the impossible possible.  They can also make the possible impossible, dreams without actions are consuming and addictive.

I finally woke up and realized my dreams were all I had.  It was time to start living the dream instead of dream of living.

Does this make sense?  Can dreams consume someone so much they stop living?

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  1. Dreaming takes you in the virtual world. It makes you accomplish and gain those things that you craved for in reality.
    Dreaming is good, it enhances your self confidence and shows you a glimpse of what you could do and be.
    But too much of anything is bad.. so its better to come back to the real world fast and start working. 🙂

    You’ve penned your thoughts nicely.. Cheers!

    • Thanks Abuzer for the nice comment. It’s great to have a new reader!

  2. I can relate to this a lot. There was a time that I felt I had to stop reinforcing the dreaming because it became my solace and I needed to provide my solace in everyday life. Good and healing thoughts to you.


    • Thanks Kate for the comment. It really is all about taking action and owning your life. Like your blog btw!

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