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Miguel Gets A Haircut

02 Mar 2010

Yesterday the little guy got a haircut. It had been six months since his last one. There are a few reasons why it was so long in between, the main one is his curls are cool. He has a strong dislike for barbers and hairdressers ever since a barber tried to vacuum his head and neck, he was horrified. Now when someone cuts his hair he always clarifies that there will be no vacuums before he takes his seat, ground rules are important.

Since he has a strong dislike for getting his hair cut and we don’t have a lot of money right now I became his barber yesterday. It is not the first time, but I am not even close to being a professional. The great thing about it is he doesn’t care about my abilities, he just doesn’t want me to use a vacuum – I just love the simplicity.  After we went over what was and wasn’t going to occur while he was sitting on the stool, I took some pictures.

Then the cutting started, there was no going back.  His months of growth fell to the floor and it was amazing at how much hair he had.  He looks like a different kid.

I have a ton of respect for anyone that cuts hair for a living, I really do.  Dealing with multiple personalities – sometimes within the same person – it just would not be a good job for me, especially with scissors in my hand and the power to not only make you feel bad but look kind of funny too.  I will stick with my one non-paying client.

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  1. lianamerlo permalink

    You should have given him a mohawk!

    • That would have been the cool thing to do! His hair was long enough for some serious liberty spikes, I’m thinking Mom would have a heart attack though…

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