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Emergency Bubble Repair

05 Mar 2010
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You know those days when you get up and it just feels right?  When the temperature in the shower is perfect, the soap smells better than usual and the towel is extra fluffy.  Traffic seems to disappear and the usually stressful commute is missing all the chaos.  Every light is green!  It’s a great day – no, it’s a fantastic day!

Nothing seems to be going wrong.  In fact it seems a lot better than usual.  And then it happens.  From out of nowhere, someone you respect and regard as a good person says something negative to you and … pop!  All of those great feelings are gone, and your world just got flipped.  Instead of flashing a smile back you want to throw a dagger.  They just ruined your perfect day.

So what do you do when someone pops your bubble?  What is your go to move?  When you quickly find yourself in a bad funk, do you try to reverse it just as quickly or do you make it worse?

My personal preference has almost always been the unhealthy route:  alcohol, nicotine or Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.  I’ll say they never made the problem better, sometimes made it worse, but definitely made me feel better – even if it was just temporary.  Alcohol is no longer an option, big bummer!  At least I won’t die from cirrhosis of the liver or by the hand of someone I piss off by saying those things only someone who is drunk knows how to say.  Nicotine is the next one to knock off, not high on my list but it is in the top ten changes I need to make.  And Ice Cream, especially Breyer’s, will always be an option.  Some things are just too good and satisfying to let go.

So how do you patch your bubble?  What are some crazy things you have done when someone ruined your day to make yourself feel better?  Leave a comment I would like to hear from you!

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  1. For me it was cigs and alcohol, but I used to fall into a depression too. It was awful. I had to change for my own sanity. Now I no longer allow that person to control my day. They aren’t worth it. I leave it in the moment it was in and move forward to still have a wonderful day.

    • That is the the truth, best to leave it where it’s at. I guess that is why the term ‘whatever’ is so popular. 🙂

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