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The Smoking Gun: Digital Style

06 Mar 2010

Last night when I went upstairs I heard my wife explaining to the little guy that she does not want the cat in our bedroom. When I walked into the room she was sitting on the opposite side of the bed with her back to me and Miguel was in front of her. I told her that he did have the cat in the room but not for long, the cat was being held against its will. A usual occurrence, so I thought that should explain away the problem and get the little guy out of trouble.

Then she turned towards me, I saw the suspicious look in her eye that made we wonder what she knew and then I saw she had a digital camera in her hand. It was the digital camera that I have allowed Miguel to use to take pictures of random stuff (see: Get the Kid a Camera!). Apparently he didn’t get the memo to not take pictures of incriminating events and show them to Mom. My wife looked at me and said while starting to smile, “Oh really? The cat doesn’t look like its being held against its will, does he?” She holds up the camera and shows me the smoking gun:


Not much I could say.  The cat looked very content laying on our bed spread.  I look at Miguel and he has his eyes rolled up inside his head, obviously he has already seen the picture.  I couldn’t help myself from starting to laugh, Miguel’s eye’s rolled down as his smile got bigger and he too started to laugh.  So there we are ending our day, looking at all the pictures he took and laughing.  Everyday needs an ending like that!

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