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They’ll Eat the Box.

11 Mar 2010
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I like spicy food, the hotter the better. I cry and I sweat when I eat it, I just can’t help it and also can’t stop myself from continually eating it. It’s a blessing really, since most people dislike things with a Scoville rating above 500 they tend to leave my food alone. If I don’t want my boys nailing my popcorn, I would just add a dash of Tapatío, it’s a great deterrent for kids and it really enhances the flavor. Dinners were sometimes a challenge, needing to cook non-spicy versions or something completely different for the boys did take extra time. But I do think my wife found it amusing that I would cry over my food.

That’s starting to change now. The two older boys are seventeen and fourteen years old, which means they are hungry… very hungry. I am convinced that if the cereal was to run out and there were no other options readily available they would eat the box the cereal came in. They have no appreciation for taste at this point, it is all about consumption. I thought I would be able to hoard my favorite foods underneath Habanero salsa or by placing jalapeño peppers on top of the left over pizza. It doesn’t work anymore! They are eating and crying and sweating their way through the kitchen. The only one left in the house avoiding anything over a Scoville rating of zero is the little guy, but I fear he is learning too much and will start eating his way through the kitchen earlier than his brothers.

I don’t remember eating so much food when I was that age. It’s funny I don’t remember a lot of details from the period of my life when I knew everything. I guess I was too busy knowing everything to remember much of it.

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  1. Lol, this reminds me of a sign that displays in a local restaurant.

    It says “Hire employees while they are teenagers and already know everything”

    • …if only it was true there could be a ton of money saved on training!

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