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Twisted & Off-Center

15 Mar 2010
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I took advantage of an opportunity this morning and did something different.  I did not realize how different it was until after it happened.  When I was getting dressed, I started to put on my pants and lost my balance just ever so slightly resulting in my weight to shift more to my right side.  Since my left foot was easily accessible I decided to slide my pants on left leg first.  Whoa!  What a strange feeling!  It struck me almost immediately that this is not how pants are supposed to be put on, it is either right leg first or both at the same time, never left leg first.  If you are left leg first type of person, we don’t put our pants on the same way.

The pants I’m referring to are a favorite pair of jeans I wear often.   I like them because they just feel good.    But not today, they feel twisted, off-center and I know it is because the order of which my legs entered.  It has to be, nothing else is different.  Starting at the finish and finishing at the start is why everything just feels wrong.

I don’t think I am obsessive compulsive… my life is just too disorganized to be diagnosed with OCD.  I really think it is because I have never put my pants on left leg first and as strange as that seems I am willing to bet you lead with the same leg every time when putting on your pants too.  If you’re like me you will never give it much thought until it happens, and you’ll remember this post when your pants feel twisted and off-center due to leading with the wrong leg.

I have put pants on a lot in my lifetime before this event occurred.  It makes me wonder what other oddities I will be discovering as I get older.  What other rituals do I have that I am not aware of?  What strange things make me who I am?

I really thought I knew myself, and now I’m not so sure.  It’s not that I’m disappointed, just that my action makes me uncomfortable.

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  1. “It makes me wonder what other oddities I will be discovering as I get older.” I realize it’s when I am spending a lot of time in close proximity with someone I share deeply that I discover my own oddities most easily. People, esp. closed ones, are really like mirrors.
    thanks for roaming to my neck of woods. =)

    • A lot of truth to that! I wonder how much of our ‘oddities’ we pick up from those close to us versus from our personality.

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