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No Parent, No Shot.

17 Mar 2010
Drawing the Syringes
Image by johnnyalive via Flickr

Having three boys I have had my share of Doctor’ visits that end up with the little guy(s) getting at least one shot.  It’s not fun for them or me, but I am not one of those parents that sugar coats it, or try hiding the fact they will soon be getting poked by a needle… Surprise!  What kind of surprise is that?  If you want to surprise a kid do it with candy or a toy, not a needle.

I usually start a few days ahead of time and let them know they have to go see the Doctor and they might have to get a few shots – no more than six.  That really freaks them out.  We talk about ways to make getting a shot better, like relaxing and not looking.  If they can relax and resist from screaming the pain of the shot goes away very quickly, or scream and it will hurt for longer.  When the appointment happens they ask the Doctor how many shots they will be getting and are relieved that it is not six.

Last fall all three boys got an H1N1 shot.  We all piled into the car and went to the Doctor’s office.  When we were leaving the little guy pointed out that I didn’t get a shot.  I let it go and didn’t really give a response.  Later in the car I coughed, and he again reminded me that I should get a shot.  Then this little conversation took place:

Little guy:  “Dad, you need a shot so you don’t cough.”

Me:  “I’m coughing because I have something stuck in my throat.”

Little guy:  “You need a shot.”

Me:  “Listen, I wanted a shot today really bad.  But the Doctor wouldn’t give me one.”

Little guy:  “Why?”

Me:  “Because, in order for someone to get a shot their parent needs to be there, and I did not have a parent with me. No parent, no shot.”

Little guy:  “hmmm.”

He got quiet and I really wonder what started going through his head at this point.

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  1. Too cute. This post reminds me of when my daughter had to get her blood drawn. We know now that she has a condition with her knee, but at the time, all we knew was that she was in a lot of pain. We had been in and out of the doctor’s office and they finally told us that they needed blood tests.

    I calmly explained to my daughter what was going to happen, but I was still waiting for the scream that I thought would come. The technician told her what she was doing throughout the process, and I could see her steel herself right before the needle went in.

    Right after that, her eyes got wide and I braced myself, but all she did was look at the technician and say, “That’s it?”

    I was so damn proud of her. I had to fight back tears (yes, I’m a wussy).

    Just thought I’d share.

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