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Death of a Tetra

23 Mar 2010
Black Skirt Tetra

Image by Suraky via Flickr

Recently we had a death – possibly a murder – occur in our house.  One of our black-skirted Tetra’s was found floating, missing pieces.  We have had 5 fish, three Black-Skirted Tetra’s and two Convict Cichlid‘s (appropriately named it seems).  Originally it was seven fish, there were two more Cichlid’s but they came to an untimely death as well.

Convict Cichlids. Female on the left, Male on ...
Image via Wikipedia

Before anybody gets up in arms and can’t believe that I would actually buy an animal from a pet store and keep it in a tank I will let you know these are rescued fish.  So I’m not sure if they were ripped out of their natural environment or the result of an evil fish farm somewhere.  One thing is for sure though is that I’m starting to learn how mean these striped little guys are.

The crime scene was discovered by my youngest son, who quickly pointed out it was probably the big fish that did it and not him.  I wasn’t thinking it was him, but now that he mentioned it I do recall how his curiosity has led to some interesting events involving the fish tank.  But to my knowledge he hasn’t caught one yet, they are just to darn quick for his motor skills.  Maybe in a few years once his dexterity is quicker he might have a chance, but for now he’s not a suspect.

This fish tank came from a friend who had some renters leave it behind.  Honestly, I thought fish were plug and play… wrong!  Fish need a lot of work:  feeding, tank cleaning, algae scrubbing, filter changing, plant replacing, pH balancing and on and on!  I have read that having fish is supposed to bring comfort and tranquility into the environment they are in, that is why they are often in office waiting rooms, especially those that will require  you to spend a lot of money on the visit (i.e. Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer).  I have not yet experienced the comfort and tranquility I read about, but I can always hope I will.

I know I would enjoy the fish a lot more if someone else took care of them.  Like a lot of life’s simple enjoyments, they are more enjoyable when someone else does the dirty work.  Wouldn’t you agree?

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