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How to Mow the Lawn, Efficiency Part 2

25 Mar 2010
Smoky Mountain Road

Image by pfly via Flickr

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Starting Point

With so many jobs there are many starting points that one could choose.  When I approach a job like mowing the lawn there are definitely areas that I dislike more than others.  I choose to start with these areas, why?  The top two reasons I do the least liked areas first are:

  • I don’t have to work the entire project dreading the time when I get to the areas that I dislike.
  • When I first start I have the most energy I am going to have for the day, so best to take advantage of that and use it to get the worst part of the job done quicker.

Nothing is worse for me than to be working on something that I have to do and knowing the job is only going to get worse.  When I start with the area I dislike the most I am really realigning the work so it gets easier as the work progresses.  The job gets easier as I fatigue.  Maybe it is just a mental difficulty, but eliminating the worry is very helpful and allows me to concentrate on ways to improve the process, to get the job done quicker.

When the job is started I have the most energy I will have to complete it, as the job progresses the energy is depleted.  The most difficult part of the job might need a lot of physical energy, like a hill for instance, and tackling this with the most energy just makes sense.  Saving the most difficult part for last may require more energy than I’m willing to use, causing a battle between me and the lawn.  It just seems a lot easier to tackle the difficult part first and coast to the finish.

As part 1 covered, there are certain rules that need to be followed to ensure safety and a quality job.  There are steps that have to be followed in order.   Picking up debris from the lawn after it is mowed and is in a million pieces just doesn’t make sense.  Realizing how one task affects another positively or negatively is a big step to becoming more efficient.

I am talking about mowing the lawn, but of course this could many other jobs.  I am sure you have a few in your head that you wish could be done quicker and with better results.  What are they?  And what about them is the biggest challenge?

Next post: How to Mow the Lawn, Efficiency Part 3 (Squaring off the work)

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One Comment
  1. “I don’t have to work the entire project dreading the time when I get to the areas that I dislike.” – can totally relate! :))

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