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Kicking the Habit: Becoming Nicotine Free

12 Dec 2011

20:13, 12 December 2011

Approximately 26 hours and 58 minutes ago I stopped chewing tobacco, or more technically made the decision to stop as I hadn’t had a chew for a few hours prior to that.  I imagine most people never realized that I had this habit, surprise!  I have chewed tobacco or smoked for too long, well over 20 years.  I have never been proud of the habit and as a result usually didn’t flaunt it.

It’s an addictive habit and it’s very costly.  With cans running upwards of $7.00 each, it adds up very quick.  Usually one can lasted me about 1.5 days, however high stress usually led to higher use.

Right now I am using “the patch”.  It delivers 21mg of nicotine over a 24 hour period, which is far less nicotine than I’m used to.  For the most part it is proving helpful as I haven’t lost my mind…yet.

This was not a planned event.  Basically I forgot to buy a can on my way home from Church.  Since later in the afternoon we were going to be leaving for Portland I planned on buying a can on the way.  My wife asked if we could stop by Costco on the way, of course I said yes and thought about possibly purchasing some NicoDerm CQ patches.  While we were in Costco I found the patches and made the decision to just quit.  I added some gum, beef jerky and some candy to the cart.  It was 5:15 pm.

Just like that I changed my life for the better.

For years I have pondered, wished on a star, made plans in the future to quit and this all resulted in nothing happening.  Wishing, wanting, hoping didn’t amount to nothing.  All it took was taking action and making a commitment to myself.

Sure, it’s only been a short while.  But a journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step, and that first step happened yesterday and I’ve taken many more steps since then.  I see success.

So far the hardest part has been when I reach for my can and realize I’ve stopped.  It’s surprising how many times this has happened so far.  It really gets me thinking of all the events and activities I did that I associate with needing nicotine; it’s really kind of shocking how much I relied on nicotine throughout each day.

I think the hardest part is that I never really openly shared with anyone that I have this habit, and therefore really do not have too many people to confide in about stopping the habit.  I’m sure there will be people who wonder why my fuse is a tad bit shorter or wonder why I’m fidgeting a little more.

I’m chomping through a ton of gum now.  One thing is for sure, I’m going to end up with a much stronger jaw as a result of quitting this habit.

That’s all for today!  See post for Day 2 here.

Have some feedback?  Be sure to leave a comment!

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