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Day 2: Quitting nicotine. What did I get myself into?

13 Dec 2011

19:23, 13 December 2011

It’s been a strange day.  The urge to get a can of Copenhagen has been very strong today, but not stronger than the drive to quit.  My goal is to quit and I will succeed.  I’m only 50 hours and 8 minutes into this, but who’s counting?

I’m excited I’m on this journey and at the same time keep wondering why I’m doing this at all.  Who in their right mind would choose to do something that makes them go crazy?  This back and forth thinking is driving me nuts, and hopefully will be subsiding in the very near future.

I read through the NicoDerm pamphlet and it has some bullets on what to expect from nicotine withdrawal, they are:

  • craving for nicotine
  • anxiety, irritability, restlessness, mood changes, nervousness
  • disruptions of your sleep
  • drowsiness
  • trouble concentrating
  • increased appetite and weight gain
  • headaches, muscular pain, constipation, fatigue

Ugh, not one single good thing on the list and I chose to do this?  It really is trading being comfortable now for a healthier lifestyle in the future.  At least that is what I’m thinking, go through the pain of quitting and get over it and avoid health problems down the road.

The urges are strong at times.  It happens like this:  I’m feeling anxious and think to myself that this would all go away if I just went and bought a can…just get a can and forget about this nonsense of quitting.  This solution is clear and the urge is very strong.  So I treat myself like I would a two-year-old who was trying to do something they shouldn’t be doing, I distract myself and get busy doing something positive.

My plan now is to get used to life without consuming nicotine.  The patch is delivering 21mg a day, which is far less than what I’m accustomed to, but it does take the edge off.  In 6 weeks it is reduced to 14mg for 2 weeks, then to 7mg for another 2 weeks and then nothing.  Nothing will be nice.

On January 1st, I’m going to start a detoxification diet for 4-weeks.  I’ve done this before and really enjoyed the benefits I experienced.  I’ll still be using the patch at that time, but that slight modification I feel is better than not doing the diet at all.  Cleansing out all the crap is a great way to start the New Year.  I’ll post more on the specifics of this diet and what it entails in future posts.

Did you catch the Day 1 post?  Read it here.

Have you quit smoking or some other form of nicotine?  How did you do, what helped you through it?  Leave a comment below, I’m interested in hearing what worked and what didn’t work for you.


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