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Day 7: Dreams worthy of Academy Awards

18 Dec 2011

07:44, 18 December 2011

As big of a pain it’s been to stop the nicotine habit, I must admit the dreams resulting from using the “patch” are incredible.  In the literature it says “When using this product if you have vivid dreams or other sleep disturbances remove this patch at bedtime.”

Well that’s just not going to happen. 

Why would I spend the entire day feeling anxious and deprive myself of having some very cool dreams?

Besides, it might not be the patch.

Over this past week my wife and I have watched “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” trilogy series.  This could have had an effect on my dreams.  These movies are very intense and exciting.  Actually, I would say these are some of the best action/suspense movies I’ve seen in a very long time.

If you haven’t heard about these movies, here is the movie trailer for the first one “The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo”:

The decision to quit chewing I believe is a very good one, even though it has caused some stress and anxiety.  Even if having some really cool dreams is a side effect of the “patch” or just because we’re watching some really action packed movies, it is welcome right now.

I wish I could write what these dreams are, all I can remember is bits and pieces, and know if I could I would love to dream any of these dreams again.  On the upside, since I’ve quit nicotine, I should have more chances to dream in the long run.

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