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Excellent Service as a Customer: Turn the Table

18 Dec 2011

I know I’m not the only one who is disappointed with the low level of customer service provided by so many businesses. Spending money used to be met with a kind, gracious attitude. Now it’s more on the lines of feeding an entitlement.

At times I have the urge to utter “I’m sorry to interrupt your day.” Not usually a phrase anybody should be using when parting with hard earned cash. But that’s the reality, the transaction leaves me feeling like I’ve inconvenienced them in some way. Maybe I don’t spend enough money, or maybe I don’t look like a normal customer, or maybe they’re always having a bad day.

Whatever it is, it really bugs me.

But like every other situation I’m in I have a choice. Yeah, I could stop shopping all together and grow my own food, make my own clothes which would require a ton of work on my part, not to mention moving to a farm where I could raise or grow everything I need. That’s not gonna happen.

The choice I am going to try is this: disregard the poor attitude and treat them like they are important to me. In other words, provide great service as a customer. If they aren’t happy when the transaction starts, try to make them a little happier for the next guy.

I wonder what could happen if more people adopted this same philosophy? I bet there would be a lot more smiles popping up in random places, and a little less rage. I think that would be great!

What if the person is still a jerk after trying to be nice to them? Who cares! At least I’m not absorbing the negative energy they are flinging around. My main goal is not to try and change anyone, it’s to not be affected by them…rubbing a little good will off on to them is beneficial though.

So, are you willing to try and start offering great service as a customer? It’s a small thing that could make a big difference.

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