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Always tell the truth. Really?

23 Dec 2011

The truth is a great thing, it would be hard to get an argument against telling the truth from the average upstanding citizen. Usually I would agree.

Then I was listening to a radio show on NPR about Santa Claus and I heard a lady going on and on how she never lies to her little girl. If her little girl asks a question, she tells her the truth about anything. She’s told her that Santa Claus is make believe and that even though adults know that they keep trying to trick little kids into believing its true. Bah-humbug!

Yep. It’s just one huge trick that parents are conspiring against their children. Pushing belief in a character that inspires good will, magic, imagination, love, laughter, hope…and so on.

I remember being in school and knowing kids who had parents that told them everything, I’m sure you did too. They were very easy to identify, they were the 6-year old that acted like a 50-year old. Give them a walker and a false set of teeth and it would be hard to believe they were a kid. They were about as much fun to play with as a pet fish is, they might look really cool but they are boring as hell.

I strongly believe being truthful is extremely important. I also believe inspiring the imagination, creativity and hope is just as important.

If the only downside to keeping the truth concealed is a whole list of good outcomes, is it okay?

I think it is. I really don’t see the advantage of telling children Santa doesn’t exist, or that when you pull my finger it really doesn’t make me fart, or that they should stop dreaming and start accepting reality.

Try this out, hang around some kids for awhile and listen to them. I bet if you told them your dreams and how you wanted to build a space rocket and live on the moon they would only encourage it.

Dream big. Believe.

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