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Day 22: Measuring for success

02 Jan 2012

December 11th was the day I chose to stop using smokeless tobacco (equivalent to 4-packs of cigarettes a day) and start improving my health.  It’s not been an easy 3 weeks, but I’m still free from tobacco.  I really stopped in a great time of year, Christmas, New Years, long dark days…ugh.

I’m constantly feeling like I need to do something, but I’m lacking the desire to do anything.  It’s a strange place and I’m going to change that.

This week I am doing base measurements of weight, fat %, body measurements and resting heart rate.  Why would I do this?  I’m going to create a better me and keeping track of the data is key to being successful.

Last Spring I followed the slow-carb diet outlined in the book by Timothy Ferris “The 4-Hour Body”.  Honestly, I liked the diet and had some great results.  The problem was, I got busy with work and lazy with food choices.  Now it’s time to get back on track and improve my health.  I’m starting the diet again on Sunday, 8-Jan-2012.

If you haven’t yet read the 4-Hour Body, I’d recommend it.  Timothy really has packed a book full of health ideas based on his life long experimentation on himself.  Only downside of the book is that is reads like it was written by someone with a serious case of ADHD, so if you’re going to follow any of the ideas it requires some serious note taking.

Here is a loose list of health goals I want to achieve in 2012:

  • Reduce resting heart rate
  • Decrease Fat% | Increase Muscle%
  • Run 5k in 20 minutes (I have not ran in literally decades)

Over the next few weeks I’ll better define the goals, adding some measurements.

I’m not wishing for this to happen, I’m making this happen.

2012 is going to be a great year!

See previous post on quitting nicotine:  Day11:  No More Ninja

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