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I enjoy taking trips on my motorcycle, nothing better than exploring back country roads and enjoying the ride with the road 6-inches from the bottom of my feet and wind hitting my face. [See: Finding Focus at 100mph]

Too many people take trips and miss out on the journey, for me a trip is more than getting from point A to point B… it is not about the freeway or quickest route. There are so many awesome experiences on the road less traveled, what a great place to pick up some memories and leave behind the extra stress that has accumulated through day-to-day living!

I love taking pictures. A picture is a snapshot of a time, it will never be the same way again as it is in the picture. Here are some pictures that I have taken along the way:

I enjoy adventure, but to say it is all good though would be an understatement. The pitfalls, roadblocks and disasters encountered along the way adds texture, and without it the joy of life would be diminished.


  1. “The pitfalls, roadblocks and disasters encountered along the way adds texture, and without it the joy of life would be diminished.”

    Thats one thing that took me a long time to learn is to enjoy the journey and the good and bad people you meet along the way! Great idea for a blog! You never run out of ideas, teach a lesson, and learn a lesson along the way.

    Cool title -Texture- Look forward to reading some more in the future!

    • Thanks for reading! I agree there is a lot of topics that are possible, I just need to get some of these writing cobwebs cleared up… Enjoyed reading through your blog!

  2. You have a gift.

  3. I like this specially the last picture of the leaves with the… with the … what is that through the leaves? It makes me want to go into the picture and follow through.

    • Thanks! I really like that picture, too. A reminder for the need to explore!

      • You are welcome. What is it? It looks like the end of a roof or a drain cut in half.

      • Railroad tracks. These were on the way to the Oregon Coast.

      • Oh yes. Now I can see it. Of course. Thanks. Now I can go to bed and sleep without worrying about it.

  4. Hi Jim,

    From your revelatory writing above, it seems that you are a seasoned and nuanced traveller.

    Happy December to you and may you find the time to travel more during the festive season!

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