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iPhonagraphy: My new addiction.

14 Dec 2012

Downtown CorvallisLately, I’ve taken a lot of photos with my iPhone. It’s becoming an addiction really. If I see something while I’m driving, I’ll stop and capture it. The above photo is from this morning on the way to get some coffee in Downtown Corvallis, edited on my iPad using Adobe.Willamette River - Irish BendI’m also taking a fancy to interesting edits of the photos I take. I guess the taking of the photos is like a gateway drug to other addictions. Photos, editing, Instagram, Facebook…it’s hopeless. And, it’s a lot of fun! The plus side is that the more something is done, the better one becomes at doing it. In time (fingers crossed), practice trumps talent.

Halsey Mill

Here are some of the apps I’ve used the most:

Editing Apps: Adobe Photoshop Touch, Snapseed, Diptic

Camera Apps: Hipstamatic, Instagram, Pro HDR

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  1. I love following you man. My Instagram tribe is probably the place I get inspired most these days. Keep it up.

    • Thanks John! I agree, inspiration is always within a few clicks.

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